Interactive Menu for CarmelCafe

February 28, 2011.  Denver CO and Clearwater, FL.

When you walk into CarmelCafe, you’ll not only be greeted with a fresh, healthy Mediterranean flare, but with an iPad as well.  CarmelCafe chose StoneRaven to create a unique iPad app for their new restaurant.  Based on the popular iPairings mobile application, Pairings for CarmelCafe was customized to match their menu and wine list.  A purely unique iPad menu experience was created that matched Carmel’s colorful style.  Their menu and wine list were expertly paired to take the guesswork out of ordering the perfect pairing.

Being presented on iPads, CarmelCafe’s menu is now truly interactive. You can read detailed menu descriptions and see photos of each dish before ordering. At the same time you’ll see wine suggestions and a featured pairing for each dish. Just touch the wine name and up pops full wine notes and label information. It’s incredibly simple. Of course, if you already have your heart set on a particular wine, the iPad menu will also show you what food options you might want to try. It works both ways to make ordering food and wine more fun and adventurous.

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CarmelCafe is located at 2548 N. McMullen Booth Rd, Clearwater, Florida

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